Half-day photography classes for beginners

Learn in a friendly, small group.

Half-day intensive photography class: Level 1

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Relaxed, friendly photography class
Learn to take stunning photographs of your family
Small groups to allow for lots of personal attention
Class held in Horsham district


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Learn to take stunning photos of your family in a small, friendly group.

Do you own a DSLR, Bridge camera or Compact System Camera (CSC) and want to get more out of it? This class is for you!
  • Learn to understand and control your camera
  • Move on from snapshots on AUTO to more creative photography
  • Learn to use natural light for stunning portraits of your children
  • Build a beautiful photo collection and family heirloom
  • Get a return on the investment you’ve made in your camera: unlock its incredible potential!

What’s Included?

  1. Expert face-to-face tuition in a small group
  2. An exclusive keyring booklet to keep in your camera bag containing important memory-joggers
  3. Detailed digital course sheets to download after the session
  4. Morning coffee/tea, cake and biscuits.
  5. Personal follow-on support and review of photo assignment after course
  6. Access to a student-only low-cost photo mentoring service to allow students to continue to learn and improve

Are your classes suitable for me?

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This class is for parents (and grandparents) who simply want to learn how to take beautiful photos of their family. My students tend to be at a variety of levels. Some are complete beginners (“how do you switch it on?”).  Others are keen photographers  but lack the confidence to use anything other than the AUTO setting. Others get some good results but don’t really understand how they got there, and are keen to understand how their photos are made.

Learn to take great portraits in natural light, in your own home
Learn to take great portraits in natural light, in your own home

How is the class structured?

Sessions are a mixture of practical exercises and theory (I use simple explanations with lots of visual examples). We will take a coffee/tea break in the morning and we will continue to chat and share ideas throughout the class. I will set a simple assignment for you to complete at home after the class, and I will personally review the photos you take for this assignment.

I don’t know anything about photography…will the course be too fast for me?

You don’t need to know anything – we will spend some time at the start of each class going over the basic controls so you won’t feel overwhelmed, even if some of the students are more experienced. One of the reasons I only run classes for a small number of students at once is so I can give each person individual attention and assistance if you’re struggling.

How will I remember everything I learn?

I cover a lot of information in a short space of time, so I will provide you with plenty of notes and memory joggers after the class covering everything from the class and more.

Is my camera suitable?

This class is designed for DSLR and Compact System Camera (CSC) users. If you’re unsure what type of camera you have, this should clarify things. If you have a compact camera which has manual settings then this may be suitable too, but it’s a good idea to check with me which make and model you have  before booking and I will let you know if it is suitable.

Camera buying guide for parents
Still confused about camera types? Read our guide for parents

Can I borrow a camera?

I have a very limited number of DSLRs available on a first-come-first-served basis to borrow free of charge for the session. So if you’re thinking of buying a camera but don’t have one to bring along, please let me know.

I want to buy a camera before the course – which one should I buy?

There’s lots of advice and information on choosing a camera in our camera buying guides. If you need some additional advice on which camera and /or lens to buy, please do contact me

2 reviews for Half-day intensive photography class: Level 1

  1. Claudia

    WOW! Mind-blown. Inspired. Completely and utterly buzzing. Best Christmas present EVER. If you want to create magic and be the keeper of memories, seriously, go on this journey. And no, I’m not being paid or in any way incentivised to promote the course. It just rocked my little world sideways as well as up and down!

  2. A Spells

    The class was really great for understanding what my camera is capable of and to make me take more time to try and get the photos I want rather than potluck. Can highly recommend!
    – Amanda Spells

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