Camera Buying Guide for parents

Are you confused about which camera to buy to get the best possible photos of your children? Are you finding it hard to keep up with all the new types of cameras on the market, and to understand all the complicated technical specifications? 

I've tinkered and experimented with *lots* of different cameras, fallen asleep with my head in a pile of detailed specs and spent many hours reading reviews to bring you a simple guide to what you really need as a parent photographer.

The most popular cameras aren’t necessarily the best choices when it comes to photographing children.   A camera that will produce excellent results for, say,  a landscape or nature photographer may not be so great when it comes to taking photos of active children, all year round, indoors and out. As a parent, you’ve come to a good place to get trusted information: when it comes to taking photos of children, I’ve done the legwork and the research (although don’t ask me about mountains or eagles).

Why parents should buy a digital SLR (and learn how to use it)

Choosing a camera isn’t as complicated as you think! If you’re serious about taking high-quality, beautiful, natural photographs of your children indoors and outdoors, all-year-round in any weather/lighting conditions, and your budget is less than £600, you should buy a Digital SLR (DSLR). Forget Bridge cameras/Superzooms, achingly-hip pocket designer cameras, Micro-four-thirds/Mirrorless/Compact System Cameras, I firmly believe that you should go straight to a DSLR without hesitation.

DSLRs vs other camera types

Camera TypesNot convinced that a DSLR is for you?

Do your think you might be better off with a compact? Or have you heard that the new mirrorless interchangeable cameras (MICs) / Compact System Cameras (CSCs) are every bit as good as a DSLR? And where does that leave bridge cameras/superzooms? No need to be confused. Find out more about about how well these other types of cameras stack up against DSLRs when it comes to taking photos of your children.

Best buy guide: DSLRs for parent photographers

I’ve researched every digital SLR on the market to come up with a list of absolutely cracking cameras that suit parents down to the ground…and the good news is, they’re all lower-priced models. I’ve included all the latest cameras, plus some older ones which still perform well and may save you even more money.