About Me

My name is Claire Ward-Dutton and I’m a mum of two young children (my own two small beans). So I have spent much of the last decade doing a lot of wiping (tables, faces, floors, bottoms, etc). In between that, I’m a designer and photographer.

When you take a class at Small Beans, I’ll be your teacher. Small Beans Photo School was created  and designed by me following conversations with many other parents who were frustrated because they couldn’t get their cameras to capture what they wanted them to.

I’ve spent 20 years studying and practicing photography, tinkering with all sorts of camera in all sorts of places. My professional commissions make a rather quirky list. I’ve been paid to photograph, amongst many other things:

  • A band bouncing on space hoppers
  • A bride and groom’s footwear
  • A famous rapper (oh I wish I was allowed to show you the photo!)
  • Grand portraits on author’s dust jackets
  • A series of rather beautiful front doors
  • Three super-heroes performing action moves
  • A celebrity wearing his ‘secret spectacles’ (again, not allowed to show you so don’t ask)
  • A man in a stately home wearing a fancy hat

I’ve had a lot of fun doing commissions, but my FAVOURITE photographic subject has always been children. Children are so brilliant to photograph – they wear all their emotions on the outside – when they’re happy or sad or angry or worried they show it from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes. When I had my own children, I started to produce the best photographs I’ve ever taken – a magic combination of lots of practice and lots of love.

Enough about me. I’m guessing all you really want to know is:

Do I know my stuff/am I up to the job?
Yes! If you don’t believe me, read what my students have been saying.

Will you be able to sit in a room with me for four hours without wanting to throw a lens cap at me?
I hope so! So far no missiles have been thrown.

Photography Classes for Parents in Sussex